Just Submit to Athfest Already!

Look, I know you’re worried about the sound quality. I know you want the songs on your submission piece to be perfect but C’MON! Go ahead, finish polishing your song and submit it to the 2010 Athfest CD. The deadline is January 29th so you’ve still got some time to get your stuff in. But really, do you really want to pass up a chance to be on this compilation this year? Who knows what can happen in a year? The record itself will be released around May 11th, usually a phenomenal party.

And while we’re talking submissions, how about trying to get your act on the outdoor stages? The deadline is April 1st for the bids, plenty of time right?  I LOVE the outdoor stages and tend to catch more of those shows than the ones at night. It’s hot as hell but a ton of fun. Larger audience, bigger stage, etc.

Hmmm. What else to you need to know right now…? OH! The actual festival dates are June 23-27th, Wednesday through Sunday. We usually kick things off with the Flagpole awards and barrel on through the weekend with non-stop shows, leading to one very exhausted AMJ editor/Flagpole writer. I love it though and I’d love to get the chance to hear your band. So get up off your rear and submit some stuff!

PS: Since y’all seemed to like the experiment we did last year with “Your Athfest,” we’ll be doing that again. Details at a later time…

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