Futurebirds to Nest at Tasty World Uptown

It’s not uncommon for a band to take up residence in an Athens club. Patterson Hood took over the Caledonia, Don Chambers held onto Farm 255 for a bit, so hearing that someone’s got a sort of string of Tuesdays at the Tasty World Uptown comes as no surprise. What’s really cool is that this time, it’s the Futurebirds coming home to roost for only $3 a night. Sweet.

The band is claiming via Facebook that the dates will hopefully offset any cabin fever the boys get while recording their full-length debut album. There’ll be guest artists of course, in the form of Gift Horse, Jonny Corndog, and the Holy Liars.

If you’re wondering what they sound like, imagine a banjo and mandolin player on a psychedelic trip, plugged into a really large amp while people shout various things from across the hall. Or My Morning Jacket. Whichever. The ‘Birds still kick ass.

Catch the Futurebirds:
January 19th (Tonight!) – with Nashville’s finest, Jonny Corndawg
February 2nd- with Gift Horse (As My Bloody Valentine)
February 16th – with Futurebirds and Holy Liars

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