That Deeper Cut

(Photo/Ziona Kocher)

It’s hard to find dreamspace. It’s hard just to think. – Sleepy Horses “Daylight Savings Time”

Sometimes you really just need a rainy day to sit in bed with your eyes closed. Unplug the computer, shut off the phone and throw on some very tragic sounding record and just stew. There’s been some issues I’ve needed to work out lately, some concerns that I really have no control over, and other things that just sap my strength.

But sometimes it does you good just to dwell on a record or playlist, finding the stuff that just hits your soul. For me, it’s usually something that I absolutely love but hardly ever play. There’s the music that you listen to every day and then there’s the stuff that demands you take a day off and listen to every word, beat, and note. The good stuff. The hard stuff.

It’s the types of song that you can step into and make your own that work best. The ones that poke and prod you into feeling those darker emotions: Rage, anger, hopelessness, helplessness, depression, insecurity… Live it through the song. Get it all out. Get moving on.

Funny thing about most artists, they can write a killer “angry” song. Almost anyone can write a sad ballad when provided with an Aminor chord. But joy, joy is the hard emotion to pull off. Happy songs are easy enough. Put on some bubble gum pop and bounce away. But the transcendent emotions of joy and love, that’s hard to nail down. People have done it, sure. Good luck making a “JOY” playlist though.

All in all, music tends to evoke emotions and when you’re feeling just completely done for, it helps. Even if it’s just a little. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be blasting some Azure Ray.

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