New Addiction: The Heap

I just randomly grabbed The Heap’s record at WUOG on Tuesday. I was honestly feeling pretty awful that night but “One of Those Days” really jumped out at me and actually made me smile. The band calls itself “Indie Soul” but there’s some major funk vibes coming from their sound too. The word that floats to mind is just “groove.”

Good horn sections are hard to come by but The Heap has a smokin’ hot group assembled, paired with a flighty keyboard, growly-gruff vocals, and pure soul storylines. It’s a bit hard to believe they come from Athens’ current scene but here they are in all their groovy glory. A very nice change of pace from the usual indie band banter around town.

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  1. Hey Jordan, met ya tonight at the Flagpole writers meeting thingy. Just wanted to holla! We can be blog friends, if you want to. Mine's:


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