Kris Langley

My dear friend Kris Langley passed away on Saturday. He had battled leukemia and undergone treatment, somehow managing to keep his incredible sense of humor throughout it all. His wife announced that he was in ICU on Jan. 16th via facebook. He had a viral infection in his lungs around the end of December and had undergone a successful bone marrow transplant last year. Kris left behind a ton of friends, a wonderful wife Claire, and an amazingly beautiful son Will.

On a personal note, Kris was always very supportive of me, allowing me to attend his shows though I was underage, looking out for me on campus, and hell, being a fan of this blog before it was really a blog. I owe him so much. I might’ve still been hanging around in my dorm room every Friday and Saturday night instead of being out in Athens, living. And if anyone knew how to live well, despite all odds, it was Kris.

I didn’t realize it until I actually looked at the date I filmed this but I met Kris almost exactly two years ago when his band played WUOG.

Television Buzz wasn’t together for much longer after this. I went to their final show where they passed out commemorative buttons and played “Tuesday Rooster” about 10 times. 

All of our thoughts and prayers go out to Kris’ family and friends. I’ll update here again with details once I get more info.


  1. Thank you for this post. Kris was my wonderful Nephew and yes, a very talented guy! He kept our family laughing through some difficult times – most of those times involved his illness! Our world will never be the same…

  2. Had a thought about Kris, consulted The Oracle, and here I am. Kris was an amazing human being and I was quite fortunate to be his friend through the best times and the worst. I still find myself laughing about laughs we shared.

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