Placeholder Post: Coming Up Soon On AMJ

SO! My computer decided to be a complete ass and delete my very long recounting of the weekend and Youtube decided to not be my friend and is taking forever to upload my videos. HMPH. Anyway, consider this a placeholder post until I can get the real thing up and running.

Coming up soon on AthensMusicJunkie:

We send intern Sofia to a coffeehouse for music stuffs.
Taking a look into of Montreal (hopefully live and up close!)
A breakdown of some of our favorite Widespread Panic songs
An interview with REPTAR
Soul-crushing Open Mic Nights
Calendar Picks on Wednesday (of course)
Contest in March…
A look at some dearly departed venues of old (Goodbye I & I..)
Art in Athens Music
and more…

We’re always looking for good story ideas though. PLEASE send us a line if you’ve got an idea for something to cover to We’d love to hear from you

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