Athens Gets LOST

(“Charlie” by Lauren Gregg)

Professors aren’t giving homework, students aren’t doing homework, bartenders are switching shifts, and many a DVR is whirring away. Yup, LOST fever has gripped Athens. Tuesday saw the premiere of the first episodes of the last season and boy, there were a lot of parties going on.

I am more than aware that my usual DJ shift at WUOG falls right at the same time as that massive cultural mind-warp that is LOST. I think I’m one of about 8 people in town that hasn’t watched it. Well, I saw part of the first season. Regardless, I figured I’d try to subvert the norm by doing an All-Athens LOST Themed Show on Tuesday night. And holy cow, it can be done!

Since I am Lost illiterate, I depended on my friends Brad and Charlie to figure out what themes to go with. Anything dealing with planes, islands, and ghosts was fair game. Kudos to Charlie for pulling out Ruby Isle’s “Atom Bombs.” Anyway, the playlist was awesome and I nearly scared myself with how closely some of the songs related to the show.

But I’m far from the only one doing the “LOST” thing. That photo at the top of the blog is a painting by local artist Lauren Gregg for the LOST Underground Art Project. If you dig that, here’s where you can find some of Lauren’s other work.

Not to be outdone, LOST fans Mat and Ryan Lewis created an alternate theme song which Jesse Lockwood helped turn into a 1960’s sci-fi action series credit reel. It’s so awesome, TIME MAGAZINE picked up on it

Add in the fact that one of this blog’s very favorite musicians actually builds the sets for LOST and you’ve got enough Athens LOST goodies to make even Smokey jealous.

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