Got You Covered

 (Rock Band: Not a Real Band)

What is it about cover/tribute bands that seems to get people so up in arms? I don’t really understand it. Is there something just completely wrong with the idea that a band would do nothing but play other people’s material just for the hell of it?

Don’t get me wrong, there are a LOT of crappy cover bands out there. And there are a lot of original bands that do really crappy covers. But sometimes you just want to hear some music that you actually know, you know? It’s why the Abbey Road Live band is always such a draw. Wrong Way did pretty well too. It seems like there’s a different cover or tribute band every week. So why do they provoke some people? I’d really like to know.

Then there’s the people who love to bash on games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. “It’s not real.” Well, duh. Of course it’s not. I play bass (not well, btw) but I still enjoy tapping those plastic controllers with my friends because a) it doesn’t require a lot of practice b) you all don’t have to be on the same level and c) there’s no real pressure. It’s just plain fun. Yes, playing the real bassline on a Police song is a bit more satisfying than the fake version but seriously, it’s just a game.

What got me thinking about cover bands? The fact that I’ll be seeing the incredible Strawberry Flats tonight! (Oh stop rolling your eyes. You knew they’d be on the blog again!) I’m only sad that the giant cheeseburger in paradise will be missing this time. Regardless, it’s gonna be a fun night. Watching a cover band. Cause it’s awesome.

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