Fire at Flicker Theatre

Athens dodged another potentially awful venue fire after some quick thinking employees and concert goers helped stop a fire that had started at Flicker Theatre, only a few doors down from the 40 Watt club. According to Flagpole, a performer had just taken the stage when people began to notice the smell of smoke.

The owner called 911 while an employee attempted to put out the visible flames. Firefighters arrived on the scene shortly, tore up some floorboards, and put out the rest of the fire.Though the official cause has not been cited, it is believed that this incident is similar to another one that happened 6 months ago when a patron dropped a lit cigarette down a small hole in the front deck.

 Needless to say, we’re all still on edge here whenever there’s smoke spotted in the downtown area. The Georgia Theatre fire has left that danger charred in the memory of many a music fan. Thank god everything and everyone ended up okay.

Thanks to Flagpole for the story.

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