New Addiction: Hayride

I love Hayride. I’m seriously disappointed in myself that it’s taken this long for me to use them for a New Addiction post but there you go. Maybe it’s more of an old familiar pull than a new addiction… Anyway, these guys have been around forever, strumming away at the Caledonia mostly on Monday nights and popping up on the odd compilation or two.

Nothing fancy pants here, just straight up no BS garage rock. They reappeared sometime in 2008 and keep swearing that they’re recording. It’s refreshing to have some good ass-kicking rock and roll to listen to after a parade of pop and a herd of twang bands. Curses is in personal rotation here at the AMJ office but if you want to listen to some pure Hayride, check out what Sloan’s got over on Southern Shelter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna find out what conditioner Sweeney’s been using on that mane of his. Can’t…stop….staring….

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