Weekly Show Picks

(Owl City “Fireflies” courtesy of Daniel Peiken)

So many bands, so little time… However we suggest you take time to see Dark Meat’s last concert ever, take a peek at the WUOG Valentine’s dance, and go hear Randall Bramblett, one of the nicest guys we’ve ever met.

Caledonia Lounge
Bow Legged Gorilla
Damon Moon and the Whispering Drifters
MacGregor Burns

New Earth Music Hall
Party City

40 Watt Club
Evan Dando

40 Watt Club
Brad Downs & the Poor Bastard Souls
William Tonks

Go Bar
Bomb the Music Industry
Peace, Loving

New Earth Music Hall
The Wailers

Flicker Theater & Bar
Man Gave Names to All the Animals, Vol. 3

Flicker Theater & Bar
The HEAP (one of AMJ’s newest addictions)
Madeline (read the interview with her here)
Mother Jackson
Still, Small Voice and the Joyful Noise

Little Kings Shuffle Club
F’n Heartbreaks
Nuclear Spring

New Earth Music Hall
Dark Meat (LAST SHOW EVER! Make sure you watch this amazing band on their final night)
Judi Chicago

The Rialto Room
Randall Bramblett (an early favorite of the blog)

Flicker Theater & Bar
Zombie Bar

Go Bar
WUOG Valentines Dance
La Chansons

Flicker Theater & Bar
Kenosha Kid

40 Watt Club
As Tall As Lions
Cage the Elephant
Morning Teleportation
Winston Audio

New Earth Music Hall

The Melting Point
The Mudflapjacks

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