White Tornado: Athens Snowstorm

(It’s REM! IN SNOW! SnowStipe is wearing a toesock for a scarf! Wish I knew who made ’em.)

As Gordon Lamb so eloquently put it, “Rushing to the market in fear of a few snowflakes is my right as an Athenian. HERITAGE, NOT HATE!” Yes, every time there’s a small threat of snow here in Athens town, the stores get swamped with people shopping for supplies. According to latest weather reports, we’re looking at a possible 4 inches of snow. 

There’s a very good possibility that if this snowstorm does happen, I’ll be out of power. However, if the snowflakes have mercy upon my soul, they will allow me to listen to my records at least. I learned last year after Randy’s snow that not much can beat a romp around town taking pictures in the snow followed by a nice, long groove session. 

There’s really two ways to go about the groove session: a) listen to nothing but the slow and quiet songs that remind you of winter  OR b) deny any existence of snow by playing upbeat surf rock. With that, I’m giving you two short playlists I made last year. Unfortunately, I’m not embedding any MP3s (long story). 

SNOW? WHAT SNOW?! Playlist:

“White Tornado” – R.E.M.
“Hot Corner” – B-52s
“Hot Pants” – The Agenda
“Hot Bed” – The Whigs
“Barn Burner” – Harvey Milk
“Cool” – Pylon
“Down by the Beach” – Oh-Ok
“Hyboria” – Spring Tigers

“The New Year” – Azure Ray
“Cold Weather Romance” – An Epic At Best
“Winter Breathing” – Brad Downs
“Sleep” – Sleepy Horses

“Young Master Sunshine” – Venice is Sinking
“Nobody’s Problem” – Randall Bramblett
“Warm” – Vic Chesnutt
“Antarctica (Widespread Panic)” – Love Tractor

Typically, snow is not the first thing I think of when I hear R.E.M., but this video proves that it’s not such a foreign concept after all.

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