Athens Music News Roundup

Casper and the Cookies just finished shooting some stuff for their next music video (“Sharp!”). You can check out the video to “Little King” here. Lots of familiar faces…

The Modern Skirts will be playing a free show on Tuesday at Allgood for Mardi Gras! They say to bring your New Orleans liver…

We bid farewell to local stage filling band Dark Meat. They called it quits this past week after a lot of drama and a bit of fun. May your rock live on and I hope your eyesight recovered.

We’re also saying a sad goodbye to Tallahassee’s Vinyl Fever. It closed its doors on Sunday after more than 25 years. It was a favorite of our FL branch. Support your local record stores folks. They may not always be there…

Caledonia Lounge: NOW WITH BOOZE! Also, Gordon Lamb is told by AMJ via twitter that he is a snarky type guy. His response? đŸ˜¦

Valentine’s Day has always been really good for Athens. In 1977, the B-52’s played their first show and in 1979, Pylon auditioned and found its singer, Vanessa. About 30 years later, bassist Michael Lachowski joined me for a DJ session at WUOG. Also, huge thanks to Paul Butchart for posting some photos from the B’s first show on our Facebook page.

And in case you just totally screwed up Valentines Day for your special someone, might I suggest getting them the appropriately titled Sorry About the Flowers by Venice is Sinking? Rumor also has it that some members of ViS not only watch football but NASCAR as well!! That’s just plain unhipsterish of them!

As always, if you want the latest bits of Athens news, follow Jordan on twitter. Find out news, opinions, and random info like Drive A Faster Car considers “Country Feedback” to be one of her top 5 R.E.M. tracks along with “Strange Currencies.” Who knew?

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  1. Come see the Mudflapjacks Tuesday, Feb. 16 at The Melting Point. Acoustic-Americana-roots-bluegrass-country-drink beer music. Cover is $3. Terrapin beer specials. You'll have a swell time.

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