All I Really Need To Know, I Learned From Pylon

There’s this little play that my hometown theater troop used to do called “All I Really Need To Know, I Learned in Kindergarten.” It’s cute and has a lot of good points. My mind is focused on Pylon today. And somewhere in the last year, through all the sadness, I realized something. Pylon has a lot of really good advice to give. Heck, some of these would make really good campaign/t-shirt/bumper sticker slogans. Not bad for a dance band, huh? Truly, all I really need to know, I learned from Pylon.

“Everything is cool.” – Stress sucks. Really. I’m at a point in my life right now where absolutely everything I’ve ever known is getting thrown up in the air and I have to make some sort of sense from it all. Not really a day at the beach, that’s for sure. So instead of worrying about the things you cannot change, dance. Sing. Thrash around on your bass guitar to an old record. Or just breathe in slowly and exhale whispering “Everything is cool. It’s ok. Everything is cool.”

“Working is no problem” – I work. A lot. Several jobs, some of which pay. Most don’t however. Fortunately for me, I thoroughly enjoy my jobs most of the time. But every once in a while, I just feel cruddy. It’s like you end up working and working and you’re not seeing any sort of result. You feel like you’re just running to stand still (apologies to Bono.) I remember reading somewhere that Michael took a job that ended up taking away his weekend but it paid well enough to allow him to get through the week unharmed. We work towards what we want. So yeah, sometimes work sucks but if you know that it will eventually pay off, then “working is no problem.”

“There is no reason to be discouraged, just turn the knob to the left.” – Ah, the joys of radio. College radio has often been my little place of sanity. Well, ok. My little place of insanity. WUOG is just one of those nutty little places left of the dial where anything goes. It’s fun to have no limits. If I want to play 2 hours of nothing but the sounds of a babbling brook and a baby crying over it, I can! It’s a change of perspective from your normal radio. So it is with life. When you get discouraged, ask what you could do if there were no limits. Change up your perspective a bit. Turn your vision a bit to the wacky and see what happens.

“Nothing can hurt you unless you want it to.” – As a writer on the Internet, I get ripped to shreds on a pretty regular basis. Comment sections can be cruel and just launch into personal attacks on both my writing and character. Such is the nature of the Internet. But does it hurt? Sometimes. If I really let it get to me, then yes. That whole rhyme about sticks and stones is complete bull. Words hurt. Actions hurt. But if we take everything so personally all the time, won’t we do nothing but hurt? It’s ok to get upset about some situations in life. But we’ve got to learn to let the small stuff go. We’re much stronger for it.

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  1. Keep your spirits high! I enjoy occasionally sneaking in to read your blog, and I always love the tone of your tweets! Thanks for being so active in the music scene for those of us that aren't brave enough to pursue it!

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