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Weekly Show Picks

I considered trying to pull an April Fool’s prank on everyone, maybe something along the lines of a super secret R.E.M. show but then decided that my lovely boss-lady would probably choose a scarier punishment than staring disapprovingly over her brand new blue shades. So here’s what going on this week. Remember it’s spring time! […]

A Farewell to Arms

I keep forgetting that my time is quickly running out here at the station. It feels like I’ve been at WUOG forever. But then I run into the new kids, the ones that never saw Memorial Hall, never walked up 94 stairs, or slept out on the roof. I go to speak about the beautiful […]

This Film Is On: Outside Film’s Athens Music Project

One of the first things that Andrew Iden points out to me during our phone conversation is the amount of time that has passed since the cult Athens music documentary Athens, GA: Inside Out. “It’s been something like 25 years!” he says. “SO much has happened since then, all sorts of things have changed.” No […]

Athens Music News Roundup

Hey guys, hope your week went well. Here’s what’s going on this week in Athens Music. If you’ve got any news tips, make sure to send them to And now, on with the show. UGA alums got a great surprise in their mailboxes this week. The current issue of Georgia Magazine features a TON […]

Critical of Music Critics…

I was waiting to see when this post would go up on Homedrone. “Music Journalism in a Post-Print Era” was one of the panels at SXSW (which Gordon and I both agree are often more interesting than the bands…). There’s no shortage of opinion out there about what music journalism is and how it’s constantly […]

Weekly Show Picks

WEDNESDAY The Melting Point Drew Dixon THURSDAY Caledonia The Moby Dicks Powerload The Whom Melting Point Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Abby Owens FRIDAY Farm 255 Haiti Benefit Crumbling Arches Lazy Mane & Kosherbeets The Office Lounge Normaltown Flyers SATURDAY The Globe Baby Dusty Lightswitch I Want Whisky Nuci’s Space Rye Venice is Sinking […]

New Addiction: Lefty Hathaway

I feel like a complete idiot for not seeing the Lefty Hathaway band before the AthensMusicCollective show. Seriously, I see Paul all the time at the office and I never knew that he could play the keys like that. Or sing so well for that matter! Yeah, I’m just dumb. I was completely blown away […]

Children By The Millions

(Photo/prettykitty)Children by the million sing for Alex Chilton when he comes ’round. They sing “I’m in love. What’s that song? I’m in love with that song.” – The Replacements What is it about an artist’s music that makes it reverberate? Why is there so much music out there but only some of it becomes influential? […]

Georgia iTunes Takeover!

My friend Rachel is absolutely nuts about country music, especially Brantley Gilbert. So when she was constantly tweeting about his iTunes chart position, I finally just broke down and got on iTunes to look for myself. And it turns out that ol’ Georgia has been doing pretty well lately. As of this writing, Broken Bells […]

No, I’m Not at SXSW…

(Approximation of Gordon Lamb’s press badger) It happens every year. I’m here in Athens and a good 50% of my friends and co-conspirators are off in Austin, TX gettin’ their drank on and gorging themselves on bbq and music. I used to get pretty upset about never being able to just take off a week […]