Athens Music News

(Look what we found on teh intarwebs!)

Hey there, Athens! Aren’t you looking all spiffy today? Good weekend I take it? Looks like we may be in for some colder weather soon…

WUOG is showing Athens, GA: Inside Out on Wednesday at 8 p.m. Still trying to find out where but they’re bringing cinnamon buns! Breakfast for dinner and a kick-ass movie.

John Bell from Widespread Panic talks about this year’s Hannah’s Buddies Charity Classic and Concert here.

The UGA Music Business Program is now accepting applications for the upcoming year. It’s a lot of work but the opportunities you get are just nuts.

File Under Dream Come True: Acute Records is releasing a compilation of The Method Actors! This Is Still It comes out March 9th featuring 19 tracks a liner notes from Peter Buck (naturally). You can listen to some of the awesome craziness here.

Athens Farmers Market is seeking bands who are interested in playing. According to the email, about “1,500 people come out each Saturday so it’s pretty decent exposure.  Due to the musicians close proximity to the audience and vendors, the PA will be set to a quiet level and no cursing is allowed, as this is a kid friendly event.  The PA, mics, chords, and mic stands are all donated weekly by Nuci’s Space. If interested in playing, submit a CD to: Wilma, P.O. Box 343, Athens, GA 30603 or send an MP3/web link to”

Over on Twitter, I was in a loopy mood and asked the guys in Dead Confederate a silly question about their upcoming album. “If album 2 were a sandwich, what kind would it be?” Answer: Roast Beef. Mmmmm. Roast beef….

Swampland has a review of David Barbe and the Quick Hooks‘ new album Love It, Don’t Choke It To Death.

The first few details of local parties at that festival that causes everyone to just up and abandon me in Athens every year, known to some as SXSW, have come from Venice is Sinking who is playing the Team Clermont party. Since most of Athens will be in Austin, who knows what mischief I’ll get up to…

And finally, Twin Tigers debuted their new video for “Red Fox Run.”

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