New Addiction: Chrissakes

(Photo/Mike White deadlydesigns,com)

I’ll start this off by saying that I normally never listen to the heavy stuff. I’m just not that into it. So when Gordon managed to convince me to stick around for their show at the Caledonia, I was skeptical. Oh WOE to the non-believer! I think I’m in love with a hard-rocking psychedelic/punk rock band. Hooray for Chrissakes!

Listening to them, you’d expect some group of long haired guys in all black or maybe some biker punks with mohawks. But look at ’em! And the music is something I could really get into. The drums aren’t the normal “flail and pray” type you tend to find around here. Add into the mix a pretty heavy and at times melodic bass, a guitar that goes from down and dirty to mind-bendingly high, and you’ve got a band worthy of following around.

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