I Got 99 Problems…

…And my coverage is one. So the other night at WUOG, Shil, my guest DJ, was rifling through our collection of records and came across a radio edit of WUOG alum DJ Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album. It’s a brilliant mash up of Jay-Z’s Black Album and the Beatles’ White Album. Yeah, I know. I’m about 6 years late to the party. But I’ve been listening to it constantly, and it brought to mind quite a few things. Firstly, “All hail the awesomeness that is Danger Mouse!”. Secondly, and most importantly, “Athens has a great hip-hop/rap scene. Why do I never hear about it?”

Now, I will completely admit that most rap/hip-hop really turns me off. It’s completely foreign to me and I often just don’t understand it at times. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t listen. Or cover it for that matter. It’s ridiculous that we live this close to the capital of all things urban ATL and this stuff is largely unnoticed. So I’m at least going to try and give this some more space on the blog. I may fail, and fail grandly, but at least I’m trying. If you’ve got any suggestions, lemme know at athensmusicjunkie@gmail.com.


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