New Addiction: Ham 1

I first heard of Ham 1 via the Athfest CD sampler. Something about the upbeat and nutty nature of “Clown Shoed Feet” caught my attention and I’ve been listening closely ever since.

Part of the great Orange Twin community, Ham 1 gathers together some of the talents you’ve probably heard before and basically leads you into a parade of musical happiness and joy. The Captain’s Table includes the trademark E6 horn sections and random frantic guitar strumming, a bit of humor, and a lot of stomp and clap singalongs. Ham’s a rock band, but they play in a waltzy type pattern at times. Pretty nifty.

For some reason, I find Ham 1 a bit easier to get into than some of the other Elephants. As always, I encourage you to check ’em out for yourself.

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