Georgia iTunes Takeover!

My friend Rachel is absolutely nuts about country music, especially Brantley Gilbert. So when she was constantly tweeting about his iTunes chart position, I finally just broke down and got on iTunes to look for myself. And it turns out that ol’ Georgia has been doing pretty well lately.

As of this writing, Broken Bells (featuring WUOG alum Danger Mouse) sits at the number one spot on the iTunes album spot. Atlanta’s Ludacris stands at number six (and 23) and Athens’ own Drive-By Truckers are at number 10 with their latest album, The Big To-Do.

Brantley Gilbert from Jefferson is at 32 and the Zac Brown band took the 38 spot along with number 73. And outside of the top 50, The Whigs are currently at number 80.

Now, I don’t even remember the last time I bought something off iTunes (my last purchase seems to be a live version of Elvis Costello’s “Alison”). I’m much more inclined to buy full albums and want a physical copy but it’s really encouraging to see so many local artists hitting the charts.

Check out my editor Michelle’s view on Broken Bells at SXSW. And all apologies for the short post, I’ve been overdoing the typing thing and can barely move my right arm. No worries though, we’ll be back on track on  Monday.

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