New Addiction: Lefty Hathaway

I feel like a complete idiot for not seeing the Lefty Hathaway band before the AthensMusicCollective show. Seriously, I see Paul all the time at the office and I never knew that he could play the keys like that. Or sing so well for that matter! Yeah, I’m just dumb.
I was completely blown away by Paul, I mean, Lefty’s performance. A bit bluesy, a bit soul, a lot jam and a bit rock and roll, it’s a real treat to hear. The whole roots/jam thing is hit and miss with me but any time the guys onstage did a bit of improv, it seemed effortless. Those cats are funky. Take a listen for yourself. I think you’ll like what you find.

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  1. Hey Jordan! Thanks again for checking us out and spreading the word. The video clip you posted has some god ole Texas Blues by Avery Dylan and I happened to be sitting in. If you want to get some clips or some music of my own check out these clips from Athfest with the Half Dozen Brass Band from last year:

    There is also a studio track titles “Stalemate” I recorded at my home studio.

    See you soon!


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