Athens Music News Roundup

Hey guys, hope your week went well. Here’s what’s going on this week in Athens Music. If you’ve got any news tips, make sure to send them to And now, on with the show.

UGA alums got a great surprise in their mailboxes this week. The current issue of Georgia Magazine features a TON of music related articles including the UGA MBUS (and a brief unnamed mention of yours truly). It’s a really interesting issue so pick one up if you can. Or just read it here.

Ok guys, I gotta admit that I absolutely love my jobs but I know there are people out there that just HATE what they do. If you’re one of them, the Drive-By Truckers are seeking to ease your pain with their “Working This Job” video contest. If you’ve got a story about your job, make a video, upload it to Youtube and add it to the WorkingThisJobDBT group. Then email with your video link, name, and phone number. You could win stuff like lunch for your office, a clip from your vid in the official DBT video, and more. Extra info can be found HERE.

Speaking of the Truckers, they got a pretty good review in Rolling Stone. Also reviewed this issue is the new Whigs record. Congrats to both bands on their stars.

Another local band in the press: The Let Me Downs were featured in the UK online magazine Under Control Music. Read about it here.

So we went to see our good friends Tunabunny and Misfortune 500 the other night. Joining them were two Australian bands, one of which, Love of Diagrams, has a pretty awesome cover of Pylon‘s “Cool.” Check it out!

The Gold Party is now on Twitter! Follow the glitter!

The other night I was DJaying at WUOG and happened across this amazing comp called Sorry Ma, Forgot to Let Out the Cat: A Tribute to the Replacements. It included the song “Alex Chilton” so I thought it would be appropriate to play. The record’s pretty awesome so check out this more in depth description via Wilfully Obscure.

You Haven’t Seen Nerdy…until you see what we’ve got planned for the first of April. Just sayin’.

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