A Farewell to Arms

I keep forgetting that my time is quickly running out here at the station. It feels like I’ve been at WUOG forever. But then I run into the new kids, the ones that never saw Memorial Hall, never walked up 94 stairs, or slept out on the roof. I go to speak about the beautiful glass ceiling and…oh. They never saw it. I’ll just go back to fiddling with my records then.

I thought I had more time. I thought that I would have plenty of opportunities to showcase all my favorite bands, host with a bunch of crazy people. Every playlist counts, I guess. No more chances for any bum songs. Nothing but quality from here on out, right? Jennifer just reminded me the other day that I’ll be a WUOG alum come May. An alum, as in, no longer a DJ…

I tell myself that it’s just the circle of life. We come, we play, we rip a ton of cds to our harddrives, then we leave. You wonder what mark you left, if any. There are many Wuoggerz that left marks, people like K.O. and Danger Mouse. Did I make a difference? Will anyone remember that I was there?

I guess it’s not really important when you had as much fun as I did. God, I’ve seen and done things at that damn station that some people would give their eye teeth for. Some of the most incredible people on the planet have co-hosted the show with me. Surprisingly, I’ve only had to threaten two of them with strangulation. All in all, I can’t say that I have any regrets as far as the station goes.

So tonight begins the countdown. Only 5 more shows to go before I pick up my blue sunglasses, hat, and stack o’ vinyl and bid the world I’ve known and loved farewell. No tears, just laughter. Now I just have to decide what will be my last song. Hard to pick one thing that represents 3 years of craziness, a bit of sadness, and some joy. I think I know just the one…


  1. Here's a thought for you. Internet Radio. Check out this station: http://www.eastvillageradio.com . It's a small booth on the street in NYC and their programming is completely unique. No reason Athens couldn't have something similar. How about a booth next to Wuxtry? Could be very cool, and expand listership beyond the borders of Athens, for sure.

  2. Perhaps this one seems too easy, but, how about “It's The End Of The…”?


    Driver 8 “…take a break Driver 8…”


    “untitled” from GREEN


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