Weekly Show Picks

I considered trying to pull an April Fool’s prank on everyone, maybe something along the lines of a super secret R.E.M. show but then decided that my lovely boss-lady would probably choose a scarier punishment than staring disapprovingly over her brand new blue shades. So here’s what going on this week. Remember it’s spring time! Take a break, I’m sure by now you definitely deserve one.

Flicker Theatre & Bar
Brave New Citizen
Go Bar
Border Lions
The Melting Point
Betsy Frank and the Bareknuckle Band
Big C and the Ringers
Little Kings Shuffle Club
Dave Howard
New Earth Music Hall
Agobi Project
Lewis B
Hotel Indigo
Lefty Williams
40 Watt Club
The Corduroy Road
Hope for Agoldensummer
Josh Roberts and the Hinges
Caledonia Lounge
Gift Horse
Nate Nelson
Go Bar
Grape Soda
Ye Olde Sub Shoppe
Melting Point


Club Chrome
The Melting Point
Banks and Shane
New Earth Music Hall
Athens Human Rights Festival Battle of the Bands
40 Watt Club
Arctic Monkeys
Sleepy Sun
Tasty World Uptown
Children of Nova
Victor Charlie
Flicker Theatre & Bar
Kenosha Kid
Tasty World Uptown
Kyshona Armstrong
Micah Dalton
Tyler Lyle

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