Monthly Archives: April 2010

R.E.M. Back in the "Studio"

So R.E.M. is back to recording their follow-up to 2008’s Accelerate. The guys are camped out somewhere in the Louisiana region but maybe not in an actual studio (random guessing here..) The likelihood that we’ll see a release in 2010 is pretty much gone but here’s hoping for first quarter of 2011! Not many news […]

New Addiction: Nathan Sheppard

(Photo/Ziona Kocher) I was sitting here at the desk listening to some of the recordings from the R.E.M. 30 event and I was struck by Sheppard’s vocal abilities. “He sounds just like Stipe here….wow…” The harmonies that he and John Keane created during “Swan Swan H” remain firmly in the top 3 performances of the […]

Weekly Show Picks

End of the semester is getting closer and closer. Take a break from studying (or from the students!) and check out the great special stuff going on in Athens this week. WEDNESDAY Caledonia WUOG Spring Thing Ham 1 Soapbar Thieves and Pastors Square One Kinky Waikiki THURSDAY Flicker Man Gave Names to All the Animals […]

The Final Bow: My Last WUOG Shift

The old place in Memorial… So this is it. The last time I’m ever going to click on the mic, read some nearly impossible to pronounce PSA from our crack PR team, and watch that “On Air” light slowly fade to black. Ok, maybe I’ll be back for alumni events and whatnot but tonight, I’m […]

Venues = Cool

Some time ago I did a post about why I avoided certain venues during the winter. Basically, they got cold. REALLY cold. Now all the venues I’ve listed have really nice heating systems that make it a lot easier to stay in during the winter. With what little spring we’ve had quickly turning into a […]

Schneider is a Punk Rocker

Ziona’s been telling me for a long time now that Fred Schnider’s solo album Just Fred really rocks but as someone who is only sorta into the B-52s, I let that recommendation slide. I’m an idiot. I put my iPod on random the other day and came across a very familiar voice singing “Coconut.”  “Aw,” I […]

I’m Running Late This Morning…

So here’s a video of a cat eating an orange… Just kidding. No worries, there will be a full, proper blogpost later on today. Until then, please enjoy this interesting interview of the B-52s I stumbled across.

Twilight is Upon Us

OH MY GOD SPARKLY VAMPIRES!!! Just kidding. I don’t think Athens would stand for that kind of Twilight. No, this kind is much cooler and has actual value. It’s a bike race, not a book/movie/abberationofmankind.  Come to think of it, Twilight is not even just a bike race anymore.. Twilight is, in a word, awesome. People […]

Weekly Show Picks

This week some of the “friends of the blog” are playing! Be sure to check out Tunabunny, who once hung out with Jordan at WUOG! There’s also Witness the Apotheosis, lead by a Music Business alum. TONIGHT Caledonia Lounge Grape Soda The Styrenes Tunabunny The Melting PointZoso New Earth Music HallAutumnAttics Black Belt Patriots Future […]

Old School Cool

So my boss and I were talking the other day about some old Athens bands when he mentions that he used to play in a few himself. It was great getting to chat about the 11:11 and the “I and I” despite them shutting down long before I was even born. He asked if I […]