H.E.R. Hip-Hop Tonight

There’s no doubt that Athens has a growing hip-hop scene. Only a stone’s throw from the massive hip-hop center of ATL, this area’s been harboring a great underground scene that just hasn’t seemed to go anywhere for a while. There are fans here, the artists are here, why is there a disconnect? That’s what H.E.R. Hip Hop hopes to find out.

H.E.R. stands for “Hip-Hop in its Essence and Real,” an idea and phrase the group’s creators got from rapper Common’s song “I Used to Love H.E.R.” The “her” of the song has sold out and become so tainted that Common no longer wants anything to do with her. In the same spirit, H.E.R. Hip Hop wants to grow and promote hip-hop in a way that focuses on the genre and art, not the money.

It started off as a UGA MBUS student group and became a fully functioning company. They’re hoping for yearly showcases. This year is a damn good start with Dead Prez, Kidz in the Hall, Wildkard, WrittenHouse, Donnis, Stanza and Fresh.

It all starts tonight. $20 bucks, New Earth Music Hall. Panel at 7, Music at 9.

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