Coming Full Circle with the Bros. Gore

I owe a lot to Jason Gore and his band the Brothers Gore. That ragtag group of Springsteen lovin’ rock ‘n’ rollers came up to WUOG during my second ever time producing on Ops Staff and we all hit it off. I was still painfully shy about getting out and about in the music scene in Athens. Jason in particular made sure he changed that.

What followed was a series of random shows at DT’s (now Rye), the Tate Center, and other various locales where I would walk in, nearly be thrown out for being underage, then forced to sit in a corner while the doorman looked at me suspiciously all night. Absolutely worth it. They introduced me to a lot of their musician buddies, including the late Kris Langley. They would point me to great shows around town and essentially got me off my ass and into the venues.

When it came time that I wanted to start an online diary of sorts, I asked Jason if he would be my first “interview.” A good practice run for things to come. He’s been a supporter of this blog thing for a long while, even after the band broke up and he moved away. I still message him from time to time, just to chat or to throw my latest writing sample at him for review.

While the band fiddled around with their instruments in the back of the Transmet, I sat there remembering all those nights spent on an uncomfortable stool at Rye Bar, watching them play. It was always really hot or incredibly cold, the blue tinted windows making a great background for extra guitars, the smell of beer and probably illegal substances coming from shady guys in the bathroom… Hey, it wasn’t always romantic but few things are as lovely as we’d like to remember them. The guys always looked out for me though and would play my requests at the drop of a hat.

A lot has changed in the few years that have gone by. Jason’s in NYC. The guys have gotten married, had kids, moved on from Athens. I’ve dropped a major, gotten to write some killer stuff for Flagpole, and worked with some of the world’s nicest and greatest bands. We’re all looking in the mirror and finding ourselves a bit older. Wiser? Eh. Better developed senses of self and humor? Check.

The future’s full of uncertainty for all of us. I don’t know where I’ll be in two months, much less two years. But I know where I’d like to be. Regardless of what happens, at least I’ll have a killer soundtrack to remember my college days. “Jersey Shore.” “Helen Half of Georgia.” Always, always, always: “Starcrows.”

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