New Addiction: Adam Klein

Adam Klein was one of, if not the very first, musicians I ever wrote about for Flagpole. Sorry you had to be the test subject dude…

But Adam truly was one of my first entry ways into Americana. He’s an incredible artist in his own right and has since I saw him last, he has become one of the main players backstage in the Athens Americana scene, organizing events such as the Athens Americana festival and even creating the label Cowboy Angel Music. The label boasts some great artists like Justin Evans, Timber, and Nutria.

Adam’s music is more along the storytelling line of Americana, touching edges with country through twangy guitar, brushing with pop through sweet, understated vocals, and lyrically related to folk traditions through the attention to detail Klein employs.  He’s always worth a listen and is especially great when he plays Little Kings, though I may be partial for nostalgia reasons.

Adam Klein will be performing this Saturday at the Athens Americana festival at Little Kings. It’ll be well worth your while.

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  1. Adam is a wonderful guy, but I sometimes wonder if his innate sweetness undermines some of his songs. It's hard to believe him singing a murder ballad – he's too nice! He's got a great voice for poppier stuff, but sometimes it feels like you need a Don Chambers or Dave Marr-type for your traditional, weathered, beat-down, broken-hearted kind of songs. (BTW, if Adam was your introduction to American, you need to find a copy of the Star Room Boy's “Why Do Lonely Men and Women Want to Break Each Other's Hearts” stat!)

    But he's great, and really active in a lot of things. How many other Athens musicians are going to Mali to make field recordings?


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