Modern Skirts Get "Happy"

(Never know what you’ll find while on the job…)

Part of being in a band is the constant discovery and rediscovery of influences and sounds. To stay static is to eventually become a self-parody. Does that mean you should go out and change your darkwave band into a country pop act? No. But it does mean pushing yourself into new avenues and not becoming content with what you create.

So the Modern Skirts put out on their twitter feed a link to the new remix of their song that’s now called “Happy 81,” previously dubbed by myself as “Lessons Learned” according to the iTunes. Though Ziona and I prefer the live version from the Ardent sessions the boys did last year, this mix is something new and interesting. Really not the sound we’re used to from the Skirts, but they’ve been fooling around with these new tracks for well over a year now.

Are the Skirts going to lose a few fans over this? Maybe. But I like the fact that they’re not content to just rewrite “Pasadena” over and over again. It’s a risk. And maybe they’ll gain a whole new faction of fans. I dunno, I can’t see the future.

The Skirts will be playing the Caledonia on Friday, a really strange move if you’re used to seeing the boys at the Watt. I can’t wait to find out how the show will differ from what I’ve seen before. And I’ve also heard that “Eveready” is ready for download for all you Rockband gamers. I have no game system to find out how it plays….

Anyway, here’s another of the Skirts’ new songs that they’ve been playing live for a while. What do ya think of their new direction?

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  1. I like what they're doing with the drums. Kind of a marching band feel.

    Hmm… turning my darkwave band into a country pop act… I don't know… Can I get you to settle for a cover of “Friends in Low Places” maybe? 🙂

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