Twilight is Upon Us


Just kidding. I don’t think Athens would stand for that kind of Twilight. No, this kind is much cooler and has actual value. It’s a bike race, not a book/movie/abberationofmankind.  Come to think of it, Twilight is not even just a bike race anymore..

Twilight is, in a word, awesome. People flood the streets to watch all of the riders zoom past at unbelievable speeds. It’s a springtime tradition to grab your buddies, camp out at the corners, and pretend to know a lot about cycling in order to impress that hot guy/girl in the racing outfit. The race is one of the most anticipated events of the year for racers and spectators alike. The racers get the glory, the spectators often get the booze.

And there’s tons of booze. With a special Terrapin Wake ‘N Bike Ride, you can take part in both the racing and the drinking of the beverages, dontcha know?  If drinking’s not really your thing and you find actual races boring, you can always check out the BMX Jam. These guys really know how to make your jaw drop with the stuff they can pull off. Flatland, vert, all sorts of nifty handlebar moves…it’s insane.

And there’s tons of music. The Jazz Festival is back again, lending some cool tunes to the warm evening. The UGA School of Music is heading up this year’s proceedings, so make sure to keep an ear out for them. The combo of jazz, bikes, and dim lights makes for an incredible evening. Everything kicks off on FRIDAY.

“…as the evening twilight fades away, the sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.” – Longfellow

Now if only we could get that Pattinson kid on a bike at the GA Theatre turn. Nothing would please me more to see him skid out and go flying over the hay bales…

Twilight Site         Twilight in Flagpole     Twilight Schedule  

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