Venues = Cool

Some time ago I did a post about why I avoided certain venues during the winter. Basically, they got cold. REALLY cold. Now all the venues I’ve listed have really nice heating systems that make it a lot easier to stay in during the winter. With what little spring we’ve had quickly turning into a legendary Athens summer, I thought it might be best to figure out which venues are just plain awesome to visit during the dog days to cool off a bit.

First up is Little Kings Shuffle Club. With its neat little backyard space, this is one of my favorite places to visit on warm nights. You can stay inside and enjoy some fluffy couches and drink or go outside and entertain yourself with cornhole. The picnic tables and tiki lamps really give the outdoor area a pool party feel. I swear, one of these days I’ll make it to Monday Night Rock Trivia.

Next is the Melting Point. I spent some of the best nights of my life last May outside at the tables listening to unknown jazz and blues bands play to a small crowd. The light was just beginning to fade as the band started up. At this point, I lived only a minute’s walking distance away. I’d grab my camera, phone, and keys, and pass under the bridge just as the train came rumbling through.  Sitting on that patio was one of the most peaceful experiences of my life.

Another great place is Farm 255. Most of the time, these shows are free. The variety of genres you can find here is stunning. More than likely, it’ll be a blues/jazz/americana type band playing but there have been a few rock ‘n’ rollers to play that tiny stage. Lots of underrated artists here such as the Rand Lines Trio and Marriage. Both of whom are playing this week, I might add.

And almost all the indoor venues are pretty decent temperature wise. Naturally, the more bodies you have huddled together in the room, the hotter it gets. But all you have to do is position yourself right in the sweet zone between the doorway and the A/C and you are done for the night.

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