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Happy Memorial Day

Have a happy and SAFE Memorial Day, guys. We’ll be back to the Flagpole Athens Music Awards tomorrow. Advertisements

Flagpole Music Awards: Cover Art

THE DEADLINE TO VOTE HAS BEEN MOVED TO FRIDAY, JUNE 4TH! Since this is a complete write-in category for the Flagpole Athens Music Awards, I thought I’d take the liberty of gathering a few of my favorite covers from the past year for you. If you’re interested in any more that I may not have […]

Flagpole Music Awards: Solo Performer

(Graphic/Ziona Kocher) Sometimes, all you need is yourself. The following nominees have all played with other musicians but its their talents as solo artists that have gotten them noticed this go round. Whether it’s too cute pop or smooth and soulful jazz, these guys know how to get your attention. Vote for your faves before […]

Weekly Show Picks

Sure, the students are mostly gone and the local haunts are looking a lot more empty than normal but there’s still life in Athens! Check out this week’s show picks, chock full of Flagpole Athens Music Awards nominees. Check ’em out before and after you vote! TONIGHT 40 Watt The Hold Steady Twin Tigers Tasty […]

Flagpole Music Awards: Best Live Band

(Graphic/Ziona Kocher) I cannot stress the importance of live performance. Sure, your band can tweak its sound to hell and back in the studio but if you suck live then….well…maybe you should just be a studio project, okay? The following nominees rock our faces off constantly. Vote for your favorite before FRIDAY! MATT KURZ ONELet […]

Happy Birthday To Us! Again!

Yes, ladies and gentlefolk, today marks the 2nd anniversary of the founding of this here site we call AthensMusicJunkie. And I just thought that the first year of AMJ was crazy! Our second year went places that I think none of us expected but we all enjoyed. Let’s talk about some of our R.E.M. adventures. There was […]

Flagpole Music Awards: Hip-Hop

(Graphic/Ziona Kocher) The hip-hop scene in Athens may not be as big as the one a few miles up the road in ATL but it’s a strong one nonetheless. The following noms spit rhymes and create beats that will make your head spin. Make sure you vote for your favorite one before May 28th, aka […]

Flagpole Music Awards: Americana

(Graphic/Ziona Kocher) To those who are wondering, there is a fine line between Country and Americana. Sometimes those lines get blurred a bit but the following nominees leave no doubt as to where they belong: the top. Check out these guys and vote for your favorite before this FRIDAY. FUTUREBIRDSDrawing a little bit of influence […]

Flagpole Music Awards: Country/Southern Rock

(Graphic/Ziona Kocher) One of the worst kept secrets in Athens is the thriving Country music scene we’ve got. There’s a small collective of bands that you’ll find all playing together on the same bills around town, building each other up and challenging expectations. The nominees for best Country/Southern Rock this year are the cream of […]

Flagpole Music Awards: Punk

(Graphic/Ziona Kocher) What are you lookin’ at?! Oh. The nominees for Best Athens Punk group? Ok, I can respect that. You see, these guys have enough guts, power chords, and attitude to be the best of the best. So check out the links, listen a bit, then click on this link before May 28th to […]