Athens Memories For Sale…

It’s the Wall o’ Random Stuff at the AthensMusicJunkie office.

As I’ve mentioned here before, I sometimes get some really cool stuff from people who know that I’m into Athens music history. I’m not exactly a collector but I’ve got a thing or two that I’m really proud of. Mostly it’s stuff that I’ve got an emotional tie to: a poster from my first R.E.M. show, the setlist from the last Pylon show, a few posters that I snatched from various gigs I’ve seen…. I’m not usually the type to scrounge around eBay.
But around there are some hardcore collectors out there. Monday afternoon found me with some spare time on my hands so I decided to check out just what’s up for sale on eBay that came from our fair town. So put on your bidding caps folks and listen to the Auctioneer….
First up is a Pylon 7″, coming from Portland, Oregon to the tune of $45. Now this is a beaut, here folks. 
Man, I would spin the hell outta this thing. Look at the design! I’m guessing it’s some of Lachowski’s work…
Or maybe you want something a bit more happy and shiny? Like an RIAA Platinum Award for R.E.M.’s Document?  Pretty cool and all but it doesn’t beat having it addressed to your own station like WUOG’s. 
College radio for the win!
Ok, ok. You want something a bit more offbeat. I gotcha. Hold on just a sec, lemme see what we’ve got back here. You into Love Tractor? Really? Awesome. Cause here is a test pressing of “Themes From Venus.” Yup. Rightchere
What else…Good grief. Here’s a Drive-By Truckers key chain. Some interesting items from the Widespread Panic camp. And a very lonely piece of Side Effects vinyl looking for a loving home. 
So if you see anything else that floats your boat, lemme know. You never know exactly what can pop up online…

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