New Addiction: Kenosha Kid

Kenosha Kid is one of those Athens bands that always seems to be playing a gig somewhere but rarely gets the recognition deserved from such a schedule. The group centers around Dan Nettles, the main composer/bandleader/guitarist. Dan’s a native native Athenian and has spent much of his time playing in jazz groups about town. He went off to study in Boston for a bit but soon returned back home and has since been creating some incredible jazz.

Jazz, unfortunately, is one of my weaker spots in the soundscape that is my musical collection but I loved Kenosha Kid from the first time I heard them strike up. The sounds this band makes are immediately catchy and are fantastic to listen to when you’re in need of a good background song. KK is pretty hard to slap a label on as well. Think part pop, part funk, and part old school jazz. They’ve also got quite an eye when it comes to promotional posters.

Kenosha Kid is probably best known for their soundtrack to Buster Keaton’s Steamboat Bill, Jr. It’s an interesting take on a once silent film. The guitar work is sharp and certainly boogie worthy, punctuated by the occasional trumpet and wind ensemble. Fine drum work and a lively beat give the old film a new, modern life. 

Kenosha Kid is playing Farm 255 on Thursday.

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