Flagpole Music Awards: World

Ya know, Athens is home to more than just your typical rock/pop/folk acts. It also has a vibrant collection of artists specializing in beats, rhythms, and song stylings that are not your typical fare. World music offers different flavors of music for all different walks of life and these guys are no exception. Don’t forget that voting ends May 28th! Without further ado, here are your nominees for 2010 Best Local World Music.
Champions for various causes such as free speech and going green, Dubconscious is one of the most recognizable names on this year’s list. The band is well respected in the dub/reggae circle and lays down one hell of a mellow groove.
Leans way more to the jazzy side with a rich blend of reggae and Latin influences. It’s really not surprising seeing as how the group is an offshoot of Carl Lindberg’s Squat. Also of note? Grogus has won Flagpole awards for both Best Jazz and Best World artists.
If you’re more into the music of the Southern hemisphere on our side of the planet, look no further than Incatepec. This band takes the best of Cuba, South America, and Latin music and combines it with the skill and slick licks from jazz. 
Apparently yiddish for “noodle pudding,” Lokshen Kugel is a klezmer band continuing a long tradition of Eastern European dance tunes. The band has a fondness for both “Eye of the Tiger” and the color green. Just thought you ought to know.

Probably the most unique act on our list, ONS is a collective of familiar names and musicians from this area who take music from the Javasounds Indonesia music series and remix it. Members hail from bands like hope for agoldensummer, Abandon the Earth Mission, Tuatara, and a few University of Georgia folk are in the mix too. 
Sorry for getting sick and putting us behind but stay tuned tomorrow for Electronic and Jam categories!

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