Flagpole Music Awards: Cover Band

As the nerds in the above picture can surely attest, paying tribute to the bands that inspire and amuse you is one of the most fun things you can do as a fan. This year’s nominees for Best Athens Cover Band take playing well-known material to the next level and make it more than karaoke, they make it art. Be sure to vote before May 28th! And now, onto the show!

I can’t even begin to remember how many times I’ve seen these guys play but it’s been a ton. They’re good. Oh so good. Harmonies just drip out of the speakers and the giant rabble rousing version of “Hey Jude” is not to be missed.

What’s awesome about this idea is the fact that the guy in charge of this band had been joking about the concept for years. One day, a friend puts the name on a show flier and they basically have to put up or shut up. The result is punk with a Latin flair and a bunch of fake facial hair for the fans.

There’s epic. There’s really epic. And then there’s Pigs on the Wing. You haven’t seen a show like this one in a long time. If ever. Pink would be proud.

Bon Scott era AC/DC. My memories of this band are sweaty, exhilarating, and exhausting. I’m currently having a flashback to the last time I saw them and watching two very well known Athens musicians bang their heads like adolescent boys hyped up on Red Bull.

One man tornado Matt Kurz is already pretty epic when playing his solo sets, using his foot to play bass, playing drums, guitar, and singing all at the same time. Throw in the monsters of rock that are the WHO and you’ll get a stellar show.

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