Flagpole Music Awards: Jam

Jam bands from Athens. It may have all started with the rise of Widespread Panic but it sure isn’t slowing down. If anything, Athens has enough jam bands to throw it’s own little festival of fun. Tye-dye and jorts for everyone! I kid, I kid. Actually, jam is more than just the fashion. Ask any jam fan and you’ll find it’s more about the culture and, of course, the music. Don’t forget to pick your favorite from the list below and vote for ’em before May 28th!

This trio could honestly bill itself as a hardcore jazz trio and it would still fit but “jam” works well too. The band has a nice mix of jazz, grunge funk, and jam to make one tasty meal.

Another edibley named band, IS has made some major traction in getting their name out in and around Athens. Voted Upstart of the Year last year, the ‘wich is jam with some classical training.

It only takes a glance at the band’s influence list to suss out exactly what they sound like. They’re very slick, very listenable, and very much jam.

A much beloved local jam band, P-Groove as they are also known, are one of this year’s Athfest headliners. I’ve heard the phrase “trance arena rock” thrown around about these guys and it fits like a groovy glove.

I’ll admit, I had NO clue who these guys were. They’re not so much jam as a really awesome funk/ambient group. I hear a lot of reggae in there too but that just  might be me.

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