Flagpole Music Awards: Rock

There’s definitely a certain sound to all the rock noms for the Flagpole Music awards this year. The worlds psychedelic, grunge, and shoegaze rule the roost. But each of the nominees has their own takes and ways of delivery. Some more melodic, some more psychotic, but all are oh-so-good.
Don’t forget to vote here before May 28th!

I know these guys, love these guys and the way that they have just continued to improve their take on punk-shoegaze is inspiring. If nothing else, download their free album and listen as the drums just pound in your skull.

Haunting and incredibly powerful shoegaze/grunge rock. If you’re ever walking down a dark corridor at night and feeling the walls close in on you, this is the band that would be your soundtrack. There’s a tightness to the ethereal music that makes you uncomfortable in all the right ways. (Also, GH is my not so secret pick for best album art this year!)

LOUD LOUD LOUD. ROCK ROCK ROCK. The loudest band on the list, Pride Parade will blow your face off, nicely slap it back on for you, and then twist your insides until your face falls off again. Go see them live. Wear earplugs.

I played the semi-psychedelic “Red Fox Run” on WUOG enough to wear a groove in the freakin’ cd. They’re not as noisy as Bambara, dynamic as Gift Horse, or just plain loud as Pride Parade but they have the best melodies of anyone in the rock category this year.

Some are calling them the next big band outta Athens. If their latest release In the Dark is any indication, the down and dirty garage radio rockers will soon be conquering the world.

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