Flagpole Music Awards: Experimental

(Graphic/Ziona Kocher)

They’re creepy, incredibly kooky, mysterious and somewhat spooky. The experimental crowd aren’t exactly the type that can be defined by labels. We use “experimental” as code for “I dunno what the hell to call that”. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but this year’s nominees are the best in what they do. So give one of them your vote before May 28th!

Win for best weird name. But you ought to see the videos these guys come out with. Even if experimental music flies far to close to odd for you, the pairing works its own special magic to create something that is, at least, interesting.

You really ought to know these guys. By far the most pop-oriented and easy to understand of the experimental nominees, CS released an incredible album last year after a long silence. You’ll always find some unexpected instrument or melody from CS.

You really ought to look at their myspace link above. Dream Scene is such a visually oriented band that to separate the eye from the ear would be a crime. The music is pretty, trance-inducing, and perfectly suited to what they want to show.

Very art oriented. His music slithers and slides and transforms into something quite unrecognizable from anything that has come before. He wields an incredible instrument called the h’arpeggione which is his main unit of creation. Interesting…

Our favorite WUOG surprises, the bunnies released a special single this year that is EIGHTEEN MINUTES LONG. Mostly female (except Scott!), they really hit the rhythms hard and have tinges of Pylon lineage floating around in there.

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