Flagpole Music Awards: Pop

Pop in Athens isn’t that straight forward. It tends to have a twist of some kind attached. These nominees can certainly all fit into the Pop category but most could easily switch categories (and in the case of ViS, have!). Remember to vote for your favorite popstars before May 28th! And now, without further ado…

Kinda awesome that a band with this name is in the Pop category. Grape Soda has had a great year that included creating the soundtrack to one very epic LOST video. These jokers are always a lot of fun to go see and they can usually be found with a crowd behind them.

Theo has a very gentle voice that will soothe you to rest when you pop in one of his discs. I can’t tell you that the music won’t startle you from time to time (it gets bombastic!) but if you’re into clever little ditties and songs that come straight from the heart, Nana Grizol is just wacky and cute enough for you.

I’ll be honest and say I haven’t given the Hooves a lot of attention. But they’ve got a cute, disjointed and happy feeling to their music. It’s like being at a tribal show College radio friendly but I see this collective of musicians spiralling into larger numbers a la Dark Meat. Fun to chant to.

Not sure why these guys aren’t in the experimental category instead but pop fits too. With a band that includes half of Athens in it, the Cluster is full of talented folk with a passion for unusual sound. Sometimes boppy, sometimes poppy, always worth a listen or two.

I was beginning to wonder what category our friends in ViS would end up under this year. We’ve done a lot of talking about the band here, at Flagpole, and on WUOG so I think I’ll let this cd review give you a sense of their sound. Look for a review of their new release sometime soon here on AMJ!

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