Flagpole Music Awards: Americana

(Graphic/Ziona Kocher)

To those who are wondering, there is a fine line between Country and Americana. Sometimes those lines get blurred a bit but the following nominees leave no doubt as to where they belong: the top. Check out these guys and vote for your favorite before this FRIDAY.

Drawing a little bit of influence from the actual Byrds, the Futurebirds throw together americana and a bit of atmospheric shoegazing to create a very memorable and very interesting group of songs.

The lovely ladies and gents from Hope are a bit of an Athens staple nowdays, recognizable across genres as one of Athens’ greatest groups. They sound equally cheerful and heartbroken but the music is always sweet.

What are they gonna do now? The same thing they do every night, Pinky! Try to take over the world! And the boys with the single mic and fast flying funny lyrics may just succeed.

“Smile and mean it.” Okey dokey. Rustic charm is the key phrase for this folky group. It’s actually hard not to smile when listening to the Dogs. Give them a listen and I think you’ll agree.

A member of the Cowboy Angel music network, Timber adds a bit of country rock kick to their Americana tunings. Heartfelt and gritty, Timber takes the genre and cranks it up to eleven.

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