Flagpole Music Awards: Hip-Hop

(Graphic/Ziona Kocher)
The hip-hop scene in Athens may not be as big as the one a few miles up the road in ATL but it’s a strong one nonetheless. The following noms spit rhymes and create beats that will make your head spin. Make sure you vote for your favorite one before May 28th, aka FRIDAY. Now, on with the show.

A heavy favorite and the most recognizable name on the list, Deaf Judges bring the heat and the attitude, making everything a bit playful while doing so. Plus, they’re offering up their EP for free.

You should know RedKlay by now but if you don’t, go out, find one of the shows, and get ready to have your mind warped by one hell of a performance.

Featuring Elite tha Showstoppa, Showtime is always a crowd pleaser. There’s a little bit of George Clinton thrown in there, I think, but you should check out Showtime for yourself.

I seem to recall this mixtape making the rounds in Athens and causing a big stir in the hip-hop/rap community. Turns out it was SON1. Everyone I’ve talked to seems really fond of Son1, so chances are you will be too.

AH! A super duo! YES! Take the incredible talent of Laura West and smash it together with leading man about town Tommy Valentine and you get an act worthy of being the best in Hip-hop.

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