Flagpole Music Awards: Solo Performer

(Graphic/Ziona Kocher)
Sometimes, all you need is yourself. The following nominees have all played with other musicians but its their talents as solo artists that have gotten them noticed this go round. Whether it’s too cute pop or smooth and soulful jazz, these guys know how to get your attention. Vote for your faves before FRIDAY.

She’s got a beautiful voice and a very calm aura about her that draws you into both her music and her personality. Watching her perform is an almost spiritual experience, her angelic ways will captivate and amaze.

The guy who never got his due, Randall Bramblett has been making music for longer than most of the other nominees have been alive. But his vast experience and killer musical chops make him quite modern and nimble indeed. It’s no secret that we’re huge fans here on AMJ

We’ve mentioned the awesomeness of Matt Kurz’s unconventional one man band approach but there’s always room for more fawning, right? Consider this a warning: Matt Kurz will rock you ’til you roll.

Ghostly and haunting, Thayer is capable of making an entire room go quiet and pay attention to her. It’s a rare gift, especially in rowdy Athens, but if anyone can do it, Thayer can.

You’ve heard of her. If you haven’t, you soon will. She’s the queen of self-promotion, putting her graphic design talent together with cute ballads that’ll have you humming. She’s high profile and that’s the way she likes it.

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  1. For everyone that has written me in, in this category this year…THANK YOU! If you haven't yet, then please cast a vote…just enter “Ricky Fitzpatrick” in the SOLO PERFORMER category (there is no “Christian Artist” category). Thank you!!! And good luck to all the other artists! Ricky Fitz

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