Athens Music News Roundup

Wowzers. I'm beat. Sorry for that unplanned vacation day yesterday but mergh Athfest rocked. So while I get all our stuff together for a full weekend roundup, here's some local news and stuffs from the non-Athfest arena.R.E.M. is currently in Berlin, working on the next album according to roving correspondent Bertis Downs. Maybe U2 left … Continue reading Athens Music News Roundup


ATHFEST MUSIC JUNKIE: Saturday Night Preview

Ready for the most epic club crawl ever? Yup, Athfest time once again. Saturday nights at the Fest are always so hard to schedule. So much going on, so many bands to see. Rather overwhelming don't ya think? No worries though, we're compiling yet another schedule for ya so maybe things get a little easier.Also, … Continue reading ATHFEST MUSIC JUNKIE: Saturday Night Preview

CD Review: Venice Is Sinking

It starts with some noodling and a cough, followed by some shouted instructions from a far off voice. The band begins the plaintive "Sidelights." This is Sand and Lines, the latest Venice is Sinking album, and possibly their best so far. The group specializes in the bitter-sweet sounds of heart break and the circumstances surrounding … Continue reading CD Review: Venice Is Sinking