Flagpole Music Awards: Band/Performer of the Year

Well, it’s the last category in the Flagpole ballot and, what the…? It’s BLANK. Yes, ladies and gents, no prompting from the judges this time. You’ve got to write in your own Band of the Year. What’s a music junkie to do? Well, there’s several ways of determining who is worthy of the Band of the Year title and though I won’t tell you which method I’m using, I’ll outline a few techniques that my friends and I have used in the past.

Vote Your Favorite Artist, Even If They Did Nothing
One of my best friends continuously votes for Pylon, despite the fact that the band no longer exists. While I question his sanity, the “all time favorite” method of voting works if the band has a great following behind it. The Modern Skirts were pretty quiet this year and would make a prime example of this method.

Most Nominations Wins!
Another method is simply picking the band/artist with the most nominations this year. Sheer numbers should overwhelm, right? In case you’re wondering, Twin Tigers, the Whigs, and Venice is Sinking have a lot of nominations this year…

This is where you pick the artist that you’ve seen nominated year after painful year just to walk away empty handed. They’ve got good stuff, they’ve just got bad luck. So why not help ’em out.

Jeez, I Get It Already Vote
The shameless promoter, the in-your-face advertiser, the single band that you couldn’t get away from this year despite you moving to Alaska. Your vote here goes to the people who let you know what they’re about, even if you really didn’t care.

Simply the Best
Ok, so the artist isn’t your favorite and wasn’t exactly all over the place but he/she/they/it had a solid record recently, played some great shows, and is generally a good artist. Simply put, they had a little bit of everything to show you. This is your chance to take notice and vote for them.

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