Coming Up on AthensMusicJunkie

Well, we’ve managed to get through all of the nominees for Flagpole’s Athens music awards, so now what? No worries, we’ve got plenty of stuff coming up that needs some talkin’ about. As always, if you have any suggestions or questions, let us know at

First off: ATHFEST. Yes, it’s coming up and man, WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you’re attending Athfest this year, we’d like to hear from you. We need photos, video, writers, anyone and anything will be considered. Let’s get this thing covered right. AMJ will be giving you a list of our Shows You Shouldn’t Miss and many Tips and Tricks to keep from dying of a heat stroke.

Record Reviews: Upcoming records we’ll be telling you about include the new Venice is Sinking and the reissue of R.E.M.’s Fables. Also, Bambara and perhaps some Deaf Judges?

(Mis)Fortunate Events. Since I’ve been travelling around with local band Misfortune 500, I thought it’d be neat to give you a taste of life on the road with the guys (and girl). Disclaimer, I’m helping the band out with some stuff business wise so there’s your warning.

Venue Viewpoints We’ll be taking a look at music venues past and present around Athens and talking to some of the people behind the scenes.

So that’s a few things. Sorry for the short post but I’m having to travel a ways to access internet right now. See ya tomorrow.

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