New Addiction:Kite to the Moon

I’ve finally gotten over having to clean up that mess of shredded stuffed animals KttM left onstage at Athfest 2008. Yes, it was a pain in the arse but the tunes this band cranks out are too good to just leave alone.

Spearheaded by the lovingly strange local figure Timi Conley, Kite to the Moon is less of a band and more like a story straight out of a comic book. They love pancakes, they want to make ’em for their bay-behs, but darn it if they don’t get held up by an incredible amount of large, slightly scary animals. Did I mention they’re super-heroes? Yeah, shiny silver capes and helmets!

On the musical side, Kite is upbeat and poppy, with all the quirkiness that you can expect from a guy whose album is called “Nerd Sexy.” Time to let your nerd flag fly. In fact, why make it a flag? Tie it around your neck like a cape and enjoy the ride.

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