Athens Music News Roundup

Sorry for the wait guys. I’m currently moving into a new place that has yet to gain internet access and I’m starting up a new sorta internship type thingy which means…

Yay! I’m here for at least 6 weeks which makes me extremely happy. Also, it makes it easier to have stuff for this here blog so this is what’s going on.
ATHFEST! YES! It’s finally here and golly, have we got a lot going on. Make sure to check out AMJ on Wednesday when we’ll give you our opinions on who should not be missed. Coming up on Thursday will be some tips and tricks for surviving the weekend and who we think will win the Flagpole Awards. BUT. We need your help. There’s so much to see and do, we’d like y’all to send us your funny stories, pictures, videos, and reviews. That way, stuff gets covered and you get to see your voice, instead of reading our droning on and on. Send submissions and questions to

Also, there will be Athens Music History tours going on during the weekend. Led by local historian Paul, these tours take you through the histories of R.E.M., Pylon, the B-52s, and more. You really shouldn’t miss ’em if you want to know some background knowledge. Oh! And make sure to tag everything Athfest related with #Athfest. We can keep track better that way. Hope to see ya there!
Modern Skirts have a very, um, interesting press release going around as pointed out by our buddy Gordon.
WUOG is throwing its very first WUOGFEST. Bands interested in performing should click here before July 24th!
Last Call is holding a talent competition for any bands interested. Prize includes free studio time, t-shirts, bar tabs, etc. Details are here.
I wasn’t able to see Mitch Easter this weekend but sources say it was a great show. A few special guests showed up backstage, apparently, and rocked out in the dressing rooms. Neato. I’ll hopefully have a transcript/download of the interview I did with Mitch up here soon…
Michael Lachowski‘s launch party for the latest Young, Foxy, and Free magazine is tonight at 283 Bar. 
This is Tasty World‘s last week of existence. Go catch a show there while you can.
Also, RIP Gumby’s Pizza. Your Pokey Sticks were awesome.
Don’t forget about our awesome AthensMusicJunkie Facebook Fanpage. We’ll have updates all through Athfest. Join the conversation. Or just stalk Jordan through Twitter. Either way, it’s a shameless plug.
And that’s about all we’ve got time for this go round. I’m off to get all this Athfest coverage started for ya. Thanks for the patience and remember to rock on!

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