New Addiction: The Gold Party

What kind of party could possibly be better than a Gold Party? Firstly, gold is shiny. Secondly, gold is worth a lot. Third, it’s a party. All three apply to the Gold Party, the dance meets soul meets rock and roll group.

The Gold Party features plenty of familiar faces from around town, all from well known and loved local bands. Together, they wear really tight pants and make the kind of music you want to dance to. Or just sit and listen to. Or perhaps buy skinny jeans to. Take your pick.

Regardless, it’s rare to come across a band with enough power to make you move but enough content to make you care about the lyrics. Often, a band/dj/group will have really awesome beats but the actual content is as hollow as the drum machine’s soul.

So here’s to the Gold Party, masters of modern dance, groove, and a whole lotta heart.

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