ATHFEST MUSIC JUNKIE: Friday Night Preview

Man, yesterday was just nuts! The Flagpole Music Awards were pretty great, though I think Athens (the Band) stole the show. For a full list of the winners, click hereish. Kinda a mixed bag if you ask me but that’s the way it goes, right?

Today kicks off the first full night of Athfest activity and boy, is there a lot of it. In order to help y’all make the most of what’s to come, we’ve broken down our Athfest picks into (tragically broad) categories. That way, you’ll be able to find the artists that fit your mood. The following schedules ought to get you through the night, going from venue to venue in search of the finest Athens has to offer. Hope this helps and feel free to leave your own lists in the comments below.

Country Fried:
Ken Will Morton (Lumpkin Stage/ 6:20 pm)
Packway Handle Band (Lumpkin/ 9:20 pm)
Justin Evans (Little Kings/ 10 p.m.)
Jompson Brothers (Tasty World/ Midnight)
Efren (Flicker/ 1 a.m.)
Fancy Young Popish Things:
The Gold Party (Pulaski/ 6 pm)
Reptar (Pulaski/ 7pm)
Modern Skirts (Pulaski/ 9pm)
Quiet Hooves (Farm 255/Midnight)
Cars Can Be Blue (Cine/ 1 am)
Different Strokes for Hip Folks:
Tunabunny (Cine/ 10 pm)
Flash To Bang Time (Cine/ 11 pm)
LeMaster (New Earth/ 11pm)
Party City (New Earth/ Midnight)
Immuzikation and Twin Powers (Go Bar/ 1 am)
Pretty Voices:
Allison Weiss (Pulaski/ 5 pm)
Thayer Sarrano (Flicker/ 10 pm)
Lera Lynn (Rialto Room/11:15 pm)
Hope for agoldensummer (Flicker/Midnight)
Timber (Little Kings/ 1 am)
Free Lunch (Last Call/ 10 pm)
Bambara (40 Watt/ 11 pm)
Pride Parade (40 Watt/ Midnight)
The District Attorneys (Tasty World/ 1 am)

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